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2022-03-09 07:07Improve ca help text, section pgp sectionlash2+7-5
2022-01-25 19:30Allow custom certificate authority file in openerlash5+21-9
2022-01-24 21:40Graceful handling of 400, 404 in clientlash8+49-19
2022-01-20 14:06Catch http requests hook for httpslash2+6-2
2021-11-15 13:31Bump versionnolash1+1-1
2021-11-06 18:06Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into lash/hoba-splitnolash1+6-2
2021-11-06 17:55Factor our hoba part of pgpclientsessionnolash6+69-47
2021-11-05 07:46Upgrade cryptographynolash1+1-1
2021-11-05 06:08Upgrade confininolash2+2-2
2021-11-05 05:09Merge branch 'lash/client-runnable' into 'master'Louis Holbrook13+345-75
2021-11-05 05:09feat: Add PGP-HOBA capable clientLouis Holbrook13+345-75
2021-11-05 04:47Remove prerelease versionnolash1+1-1
2021-10-28 11:53Fix missing config values in client clinolash1+8-5
2021-10-26 09:41Add semver depnolash2+2-1
2021-10-26 08:54Remove path element from originnolash2+3-2
2021-10-26 08:14Upgrade confininolash4+5-4
2021-10-26 07:24Fix client testnolash2+14-4
2021-10-23 11:48Remove endless loop in unsuccessful authnolash3+48-22
2021-10-23 09:18Rehabilitate client pgp hoba examplenolash3+14-11
2021-10-23 09:07Bump versionnolash2+6-2
2021-10-23 09:05Correctly layer bearer and hoba for runnable clienTnolash6+110-33
2021-10-23 07:40Successfully added pgp handler to runnablenolash1+1-2
2021-10-23 03:14Add runnable, layered auth handlersnolash6+205-60
2021-07-06 22:23Merge branch 'lash/hoba-session-example' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt8+378-7
2021-07-06 14:31Add client server example for pgp-hoba+bearernolash8+378-7
2021-06-30 16:01Merge branch 'lash/corrupt-reverse-session' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt3+7-5
2021-06-29 19:07Implement correect session object in reverse session lookupnolash3+7-5
2021-06-29 18:21update session returnBlair Vanderlugt1+2-1
2021-06-29 18:03Merge branch 'lash/session-expire-magic' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt5+55-22
2021-06-29 18:03Add auto-renew on expired auth tokensLouis Holbrook5+55-22
2021-06-28 22:54Merge branch 'lash/rename' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt55+893-896
2021-06-28 22:54Rename module to usumbufuLouis Holbrook55+893-896
2021-06-26 16:59Merge branch 'bvander/retriever-throw-error' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt2+2-2
2021-06-26 16:58throw instead of return NoneBlair Vanderlugt2+2-2
2021-06-25 16:24Merge branch 'lash/session-filter-error' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt3+6-3
2021-06-25 16:24Unhandled errors in session filterLouis Holbrook3+6-3
2021-06-23 18:39Merge branch 'bvander/versioning' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt3+61-1
2021-06-23 18:39update with semver versioningBlair Vanderlugt3+61-1
2021-06-23 17:55Merge branch 'bvander/debugging-auth' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt8+101-17
2021-06-23 17:55more debugging authBlair Vanderlugt8+101-17
2021-06-17 23:27Merge branch 'bvander/debugging-auth' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt3+55-12
2021-06-17 17:25remove raisefilternolash1+0-7
2021-06-17 17:22Remove component id none override in auth parentnolash3+49-5
2021-06-17 16:22noneBlair Vanderlugt3+14-8
2021-06-17 15:02fixed http auth bug and added testBlair Vanderlugt2+16-1
2021-06-16 20:10Merge branch 'lash/fix-setup' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt5+61-4
2021-06-16 20:10Fix setup and control exception from httpLouis Holbrook5+61-4
2021-06-14 19:13Merge branch 'lash/fix-setup' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt6+1374-8
2021-06-14 19:12Fix stale setup, update depsnolash6+1374-8
2021-06-11 23:02Merge branch 'lash/hoba-ecuth-example' into 'master'Blair Vanderlugt63+1894-262
2021-06-11 23:02Improve component hierarhcy between retriever, fetcher and decoders.Louis Holbrook63+1894-262
2021-03-02 19:34Merge branch 'lash/hoba' into 'master'Louis Holbrook18+638-15
2021-03-02 19:34Add PGP client codeLouis Holbrook18+638-15
2020-10-16 20:12Merge branch 'lash/improve-oauth-clarity' into 'master'Louis Holbrook6+157-131
2020-10-16 20:12Improve oauth code clarityLouis Holbrook6+157-131
2020-10-16 11:30Merge branch 'lash/improve-examples' into 'master'Louis Holbrook1+1-1
2020-10-16 11:30README typoLouis Holbrook1+1-1
2020-10-16 11:28Merge branch 'lash/improve-examples' into 'master'Louis Holbrook20+887-196
2020-10-16 11:28Improve examplesLouis Holbrook20+887-196
2020-10-12 19:51Upgrade confini morenolash2+2-2
2020-10-12 19:13Upgrade confininolash2+2-2
2020-10-11 18:55Update changelognolash1+2-0
2020-10-11 18:54Add missing client.crt file, add client examplenolash2+47-0
2020-10-09 20:48Remove redundant digest filenolash2+0-16
2020-10-09 20:37Correct comment in server examplenolash1+2-2
2020-10-09 20:30Remove commented codenolash2+1-2
2020-10-09 20:29Remove gnupg codenolash1+0-9
2020-10-09 20:28Remove gnupg importnolash1+0-1
2020-10-09 20:27Add client example keynolash2+46-1
2020-10-09 20:13Include subpackages in buildnolash8+143-84
2020-10-09 19:27Subsume decrypter under fetchernolash5+33-28
2020-10-09 18:56Clean up redundant loglines, fix positive auth check loopnolash4+17-13
2020-10-09 18:46Remove empty africastalking adapter source filenolash1+0-5
2020-10-09 18:45Remove redundant retriever source filenolash1+0-131
2020-10-09 18:43Connect acl retriever backendnolash7+256-31
2020-10-09 16:03Handle basic auth, hash u/p, set component_idnolash1+6-2
2020-10-09 15:41Add HTTP Authorization auth hooknolash8+111-48
2020-10-09 13:29Add africas talking to examplenolash3+43-10
2020-10-09 12:49Remove param from check callnolash5+22-10
2020-10-09 12:22Modularize auth methods and sequencenolash9+154-51
2020-10-09 08:27Initial commitnolash7+183-0