NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
aieePython modules for common command line interfacing utils Louis Holbrook2022-05-12 18:43
bdbgColored debug logging for bash Louis Holbrook2022-07-31 08:48
benfordgeneratorC Library and cli application to generate number sequences with first digits distributed according to Benford's Law Louis Holbrook2017-05-30 23:56
block-syncer-jsFast block sync and retrieval using bloom filters Louis Holbrook2021-01-07 18:01
clorthoKey/value store for shell use where both key and value are obfuscated Louis Holbrook2022-10-05 15:32
confiniParse and merge multiple ini files in python3 Louis Holbrook2023-02-12 13:04
confini-jsJavascript adaptation of python-confini Louis Holbrook2020-12-10 15:19
dir2mimePerl script to create multipart MIME documents from folder content Louis Holbrook2022-01-14 21:22
erc20-demurrage-tokenERC20 token with redistributed continual demurrage Louis Holbrook2023-03-26 07:03
erc20-faucetERC20 token faucet Louis Holbrook2023-03-26 07:16
erc20-transfer-authorizationSimple approval escrow for ERC20 spending Louis Holbrook2023-03-22 12:54
accounts-indexAccounts index evm contract tooling with permissioned writes Louis Holbrook2023-05-06 23:02
contract-registryEthereum Smart Contract key-value registry Louis Holbrook2023-03-26 05:46
craft-nftA standalone NFT implementation for real-world arts and crafts assets Louis Holbrook2023-03-27 08:58
event-msgSimple, embedded news post vehicle for EVM smart contracts Louis Holbrook2023-03-26 10:54
eth-faucetGas token gifter with controls from time intervals, amounts and access Louis Holbrook2023-03-26 07:27
eth-gas-sumSync a running total of gas usage across EVM blocks Louis Holbrook2022-03-05 07:37
eth-gas-proxyMiddleware to selectively override EVM gas heuristics Louis Holbrook2021-01-26 11:34
eth-interfaceEIP-165 interface and tools for chainlib-eth Louis Holbrook2023-03-25 05:46
eth-offlineEVM token minter frontend for offline issuance using ERC712 structured signatures. Louis Holbrook2023-03-29 14:08
eth-ownedEIP-173 interface and tools for chainlib-eth Louis Holbrook2023-03-25 13:49
eth-stat-syncerCache live EVM blockchain stats Louis Holbrook2022-04-07 14:45
evm-workmodeA solidity contract for periodic participant working mode registration Louis Holbrook2022-01-09 11:35
evm-tokenvoteVoting machine using ERC20 tokens as votes. Louis Holbrook2023-05-13 15:24
erc20-vendCreate ERC20 tokens the can be minted by existing ERC20 token balance Louis Holbrook2023-05-13 15:04
eth-writerAn interface for non-owner writer role to smart contract instance Louis Holbrook2023-05-13 15:00
feedwarriorSlim, portable tooling for creating and distributing decentralized append logs Louis Holbrook2023-04-30 20:44
gitrefreshEasily export, reinitialize and update all git repositories in a file hierarchy Louis Holbrook2023-04-22 20:10
gpgmimeCreate mail agent parseable email from a PGP message Louis Holbrook2022-10-12 16:00
hexathonCommon and uncommon hex string operations for python3 Louis Holbrook2022-05-09 08:01
iupPing script to record internet connection state Louis Holbrook2022-01-14 08:18
jsonrpc-basePure python standard library JSONRPC data interface Louis Holbrook2021-10-31 06:06
leveldirMulti-level directory structure data stores in python3 Louis Holbrook2022-11-08 12:54
liblashA bianry tree implementation used for game development from scratch Louis Holbrook2020-02-09 20:23
liblashgamePathfinder and path decision making library for 2D tile game Louis Holbrook2022-11-12 10:36
librlpC library for the Recursive Length Prefix (RLP) serialization format Louis Holbrook2021-06-15 12:26
libswarm-ngC implementation of BMT hasher, Swarmhash and Single Owner Chunk for swarm Louis Holbrook2022-06-12 05:30
manbytesgnu_siteSource files for Louis Holbrook2022-11-12 10:49
moolbBloom filter for python3 with pluggable hasher backend Louis Holbrook2021-11-15 13:32
mime-jsCreate MIME message from browser, fork of Louis Holbrook2022-10-09 12:11
moolb-jsBloom filter for javascript with pluggable hasher backend Louis Holbrook2020-10-31 11:25
partitionhiderDangerous and risky bash scripts to conceal and recover partitions using literal writes to MBR Louis Holbrook2018-04-24 21:47
passmemoPassword recollection trainer Louis Holbrook2019-07-26 19:53
pelican-signA pelican plugin for generating digests and signatures for content Louis Holbrook2021-05-03 20:15
pep503-convertBash script to convert pip3 downloads to pip indices Louis Holbrook2022-01-16 21:01
potaahtoConversions and redundancy for partisan naming choices Louis Holbrook2022-01-30 23:36
pylibrlpPython3 wrapper for librlp Louis Holbrook2021-06-15 11:56
pylibswarmPython3 wrapper for libswarm-ng Louis Holbrook2022-06-11 18:55
remotemeCLI tool in perl to report internet ip for the current host using STUN servers Louis Holbrook2022-01-14 20:41
shepMulti-state key stores using bit masks for python3 Louis Holbrook2023-04-19 10:42
taintCrypto forensics for private use Louis Holbrook2021-11-29 03:39
tfa-cli-toolsCLI tools for common TFA-related operations Louis Holbrook2020-08-24 19:45
urlybirdCommon url operations not covered by the standard library urllib Louis Holbrook2022-01-25 19:05
webshotSnapshot and fingerprint a web resource Louis Holbrook2022-01-11 13:09