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2022-12-24 12:28Convert docs to texinfo and build docslash6+141-0
2022-12-23 06:52Remove smart contract compile warningslash3+9-13
2022-12-23 06:49Implement token count balance per address in contractlash5+97-11
2022-12-23 06:24Use better supported virtualenv init commandlash1+4-4
2022-12-23 06:23Use better supported virtualenv init commandlash1+13-7
2022-12-23 06:04Add requirements prepare to python makelash3+21-1
2022-12-22 19:52Upload attachments to content storelash3+37-11
2022-12-22 08:58WIP add image file dialoguelash4+83-34
2022-12-21 20:06Add python issues filelash1+1-0
2022-12-21 20:04Add token id option to dump, fix page reload bug in js ui mintlash13+76-45
2022-12-21 17:08Add number field for batched token mint in js uilash12+90-42
2022-12-20 08:57Add code comments for js example implmentation + use event emit for mintlash3+81-5
2022-12-20 08:28Add docstrings to js librarylash2+123-24
2022-12-19 18:14Add readme, demo scriptlash10+225-29
2022-12-19 15:01Add readme, metadata, cli tools for mint and allocatelash23+1163-30
2022-12-19 09:31Add makefiles, python packaginglash27+658-563
2022-12-18 14:58Fix stale batch index parse in dump toollash3+5-6
2022-12-18 14:05Rename publish script to something less militarylash1+0-0
2022-12-18 14:04Add metadata retriever for minted token, fix broken dump scriptlash6+61-15
2022-12-18 12:38Add token summary builder in jslash2+98-2
2022-12-18 11:24Adjust batch and index number resolutionlash7+44-38
2022-12-18 07:05Remove batchof methodlash8+41-57
2022-12-18 06:48Add commentslash3+50-10
2022-12-18 06:23Add manual token numbering, tests for speclash9+315-26
2022-12-17 23:33Add supply increments on allocatelash8+129-4
2022-12-17 23:13Add dump toollash2+235-2
2022-12-17 21:33Remove mint link when batch fulllash1+4-3
2022-12-17 20:11Fix mint available check in batches viewlash2+12-9
2022-12-17 20:01Add ui contract owner indicatorlash3+47-3
2022-12-17 19:45Add token details view, minting viewlash4+166-7
2022-12-17 18:02Loads of ui stuff, add deploy python scriptlash14+420-17
2022-12-17 09:17Bootstrap browserified metamask and web3js environmentlash5+34-3
2022-12-16 22:09Add multi testlash3+102-6
2022-12-16 21:48Add digest and uri generatelash5+125-11
2022-12-16 21:13Change arg order for mintinglash5+71-27
2022-12-16 21:08Enforce batch limitslash5+61-8
2022-12-16 20:31Fix batchof cumulative count checklash4+45-8
2022-12-16 20:15Add ownership, single tokens, transferlash1+6-0
2022-12-16 20:06Add ownership, single tokens, transferlash7+393-36
2022-12-16 13:15Initial commitlash10+258-0