Voting machine using ERC20 tokens as votes.
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2023-07-24 07:48Set supply sample on correct proposal indexlash4+16-16
2023-07-24 07:39Implement internal state change proposal, block wait limitlash8+162-21
2023-06-28 11:55Separate vote option addition from proposal creationlash8+95-34
2023-05-13 15:24Move documentation files, prettier readmelash13+135-269
2023-05-08 08:10Use messy markdown readmelash2+410-401
2023-05-08 08:09WIP experimenting with readme formatlash2+401-410
2023-05-08 08:07Add documentationlash9+717-3
2023-05-08 04:26Implement chainlib-genlash4+29-10
2023-05-07 17:57Prematurely end vote only on binary majoritylash5+23-22
2023-05-07 13:44Correct package info, add back version to constructorlash3+7-12
2023-05-07 09:06Make supply protection during vote optionallash8+116-22
2023-05-07 08:40Add missing events test file, add immediate final on complete, cancellationlash12+447-85
2023-05-06 22:59Correct proposal index in eventlash5+6-6
2023-05-06 22:37Fix allowance in registry testlash3+5-5
2023-05-06 22:29Add missing test file, add registry testslash6+291-7
2023-05-06 21:25Add vote total checks in testslash1+13-2
2023-05-06 21:16Fix and test withdrawalslash6+51-24
2023-05-06 13:36Add tied vote testlash1+88-2
2023-05-06 13:16Correct insufficient vote testlash1+14-14
2023-05-06 13:09Add option vote tests, interfacelash7+306-8
2023-05-06 00:14Add test for supply changelash1+32-0
2023-05-05 23:47Add tests for (and correct) propose, vote, insufficient votelash9+311-359
2023-05-05 09:51Add proposal object, init state in contract proposallash7+130-11
2023-05-05 08:29Bump chainlib-ethlash1+1-1
2023-05-05 08:27Add python harness, fix call sigs in contractlash18+1169-212
2023-05-04 09:20Use bitfield for more complex proposal stateslash1+47-34
2023-05-04 08:47Replace contract with ERC20 transfer based votinglash2+455-294
2023-05-03 20:38Ensure voter bootstrap, add remove voter methodlash1+54-17
2023-05-03 07:05Complete processing of ack, vote, proposal queuelash1+231-32
2023-05-03 06:59Initial commitlash1+121-0